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Acpi Smo8810 Driver Download |VERIFIED| Windows 7 64-bit

Acpi Smo8810 Driver Download |VERIFIED| Windows 7 64-bit



Acpi Smo8810 Driver Download Windows 7 64-bit

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after we have installed the driver for the unknown device, we are ready to install the device manager. we need to start the device manager. you can do that by pressing windows+x and then clicking the run command. when the device manager comes up, click on the installed drivers tab and press uninstall. windows will then show you the list of installed drivers. click on the install button next to the unknown device and click on ok.

device manager is located at start menu> all programs> accessories> system tools. to find the required driver, simply click on device manager and then click on unknown devices or even unknown devices (reported by the system). then it will list all the unknown devices and their drivers. you can download the driver for the listed unknown device from the vendor website for your operating system. for example, you can download the driver for the unknown device identified as device instance path with the value: acpiint33fc (n = 1,2,3) in the device manager, from the realtek website, for windows xp, windows vista or windows 7. sometimes, the unknown device is classified as a mass storage device, and we have to download the driver for the mass storage device. next, we will show you how to do this.

first, go to the list of drivers on this link and open the directory of devices of laptops. there you will see all working drivers for your device. scroll through the directory until you find the right device and click on the link. as the link is opened, a download wizard will come up automatically. follow the instructions and download the appropriate driver.
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