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Adobe Photoshop Full Version Free ⓵

Adobe Photoshop Full Version Free ⓵


Adobe Photoshop Full Version Free ⓵






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Photoshop is a one-button program that lets you work on a single layer at a time. Some useful applications for Photoshop include:

Fixing image problems. Generally speaking, if you find a problem in your photograph, you need to fix it. You may need to remove distracting elements, enhance a subject, or adjust a color.

Adding light and shadow. Because you can change the light and shadows in a photograph, it’s quite possible to change an image from being too dark to too light to correct for exposure errors.

Manipulating images. Altering images can be used to change the appearance of a person or a piece of landscape. For example, you might want to brighten a faded, cracked photograph, or perhaps remove a large area of an image.

Adjusting Levels

One of the easiest ways to change the lighting and exposure in an image is to use the Adjustment Layers and Levels dialog box. Layers are a great way to handle multiple exposures of the same photo. In a single image, you can add new layers for sky, trees, or people in different exposures. After you have made the adjustments, you can create different layers and adjust these specific exposures individually. For example, if you have an image that has a problem exposure, you can edit only that layer’s light and shadow using the Levels dialog.

You can use the Effects panel to create the impression of light and dark that you want to expose your photograph. Because Effects is not meant for retouching, there are many ways to use this panel.

1. Open the Levels dialog box by clicking the Levels button to the right of the Exposure tab. See Figure 1-2.

2. Check the Smart Objects and Smart Filters box, and click OK.

3. In the Levels dialog box, you can either use the white-box or black-box settings to set your exposure. Click the window to the left of the Exposure box to see the full dialog box. The top of the window shows the white box, and the bottom of the window shows the black box.

**Figure 1-2:** Adjust the exposure of this image using the Levels dialog box.

When you set the Exposure box, you can drag up to change the lightest point in the image and drag down to change the darkest point. The whites and darks toggle if you drag the box to the left or right. You can also click the Adjust button to fine-t

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Photoshop Elements is a powerful yet easy to use program designed for beginners to advanced graphic designers and illustrators. If you don’t need the full features of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is the perfect tool for you.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images.

By the way, this article will cover both Windows and Mac OS applications in detail, whether you are using them on PC or Mac.

Chars in Photoshop Elements

Chars are the blank spaces between letters in words.

An example:

Chars are also found when printing images or graphics.

You may see some characters on a page like these:

The three characters are The, A,, respectively.

The PS character is a character that can be used in Photoshop Elements (On a Mac OS). This character is an asterisk (*) inside a box. To insert or move the asterisk, press the Enter key.

Also, there are some special characters or symbols in the Photoshop Elements user interface.

To use them, you can move them to the rectangle tab as follows:

You can also move them to the Paragraph panel by clicking on the arrow next to the rectangle tab:

See more information on Photoshop Elements.


You can use Photoshop Elements for a variety of purposes. You can crop images, replace color, fix photographs and remove blemishes. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of images and replace backgrounds.

You can also use Photoshop Elements to share your images.

You can use the effects and filters to enhance your photos.

Take a look at the tutorial “Recover Damaged Photos With Photoshop Elements” to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to repair damaged or water-damaged photos.

Before editing

Make sure that the image is in focus. If the image is out of focus, you may not be able to edit the picture.

Examine the image and select the correct media. Pay attention to text, logos, trademarks and watermarks.

Make sure the image is 100% zoomed, for example, if your images are 300 dpi, zoom out to 1200 or 3000 dpi. If the resolution is smaller than 300 dpi, the image will not be available for editing.

So, keep your images at at least 300 dpi to make sure they can be edited in

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System Requirements For Photoshop Software Free Download Link:

Recommended: Intel Core-i3 or AMD Athlon II Dual Core
Intel Core-i5
Intel Core-i7
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
14-inch screen
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 5870
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