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VocisMagis is an extension to the popular KEYMACRO software.
New in this version:
• If you only want to use the keyboard player for a short segment, it’s possible to start the program with all tones muted except for the instrument you want to play. Just choose a custom instrument, set the keyboard player to one of the mute keys, and press start. The melody of the program will continue playing.
• In VocisMagis the playback speed of the instrument can be adjusted. This is very useful for when the playback speed of the song is not synchronized.
• An optional popup window is available for transposition adjustments.
• The program can also be set to only provide the temporary note name and the optional popup for transposition adjustments.Q:

Django + Google App Engine — Use a css/js file from a static directory

I’m very new to Django and Google App Engine, so my question might be quite simple.
So, I have a Django project deployed to App Engine that uses a css file from the static directory:

I thought that the same would be possible for the javascript file:

However, I’m not able to reach the css file, I have tried with a few different approach, I have also tried to use the urlpatterns and it didn’t work either:
urlpatterns = patterns(»,
(r’^$’, views.index),
(r’^static/bootstrap/css/(.+)$’, views.serve),
(r’^static/bootstrap/js/(.+)$’, views.serve),

Any idea?


Got it fixed, it was just a matter of moving the css and js files to the right directory:



became: 384a16bd22

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This is a complete Enterprise risk and control program which can be integrated to any ERM system or any ERP System, and where all required data can be extracted from it.
With the help of certain algorithms, data can be calculated from the programs and exported to the ERP or ERM systems, thereby helping in the assessment, control and reporting of risk and control levels.Last night I was sent an email, sent to approximately 2,000 people, from Utah’s lieutenant governor. It was a pretty mundane email, explaining how she’d like to see the November general election go.

The email even discussed the holiday season:

As you celebrate the season of giving and reflection, I hope you take a moment to consider the needs of your fellow citizens and to make a contribution. Your service to others is a privilege and an honor.

I couldn’t be more proud to live in Utah. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Please consider making a donation to help those who need your support. It will make your life better and strengthen your community.

In this day and age, with the toxicity and negativity that seem to pervade our culture, the idea of asking people to help others has been largely viewed as condescending and intrusive. The 2016 election and its aftermath was an outlier, as we were reminded again this week. Not everyone saw our government as having a right to ask people to give up their hard-earned money to help others. Some people refused. Some people accepted.

One of the people who gave up $1.50 to help someone else was former governor Gary Herbert, who was called out yesterday by his lieutenant governor for failing to donate.

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, a Democrat, criticized his colleague Herbert for his tardy donation, which is not required by the state.

Cox wrote to Herbert asking him to donate an amount equivalent to the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour. Herbert was in office when the minimum wage was $5.15, he said.

“I do know you will not be receiving a tax refund,” Cox wrote. “So you should donate the $1.50 that is still in your account or create a bank draft for the same amount. You can pay it with your credit card. Please do not wait for the deadline to mail it in.”

Since the email was sent to 2,


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