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«To date, there are about 4 thousand citizens who are registered as needing housing conditions in the republic.
Of these, more than 2.7 thousand are citizens eligible for extraordinary housing.
In the queue to receive a preferential loan for the construction or purchase of housing, more than 6 thousand citizens cost.
Of these, about 3 thousand families have the right to receive a preferential loan for the construction of housing or housing in the amount of up to 20 square meters.


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We’re currently in the process of planning a new feature: Racing in the TRACKS forums! This is an area where RC & Battery powered race cars will be able to race each other anytime, anywhere. Would you be interested in joining the next race weekend in the TRACKS forums?

Racing in the TRACKS forums will be entirely manual. It will work using a 5Ghz radio band, which is a frequency that is reserved for other uses. We’re hoping to use this as the basis for a possible future TV broadcast using 5Ghz technology.

This week’s sponsored race will be the winner choosing the next race battle on of the usefull sponsored races we had 4 racers then the winner choose a next they like that is good any race ideas that need sponsore to be added. Thanks all and Thanks to our Sponsors for making this a success.

If you would be interested in racing in the TRACKS forums please do the following:



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