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Farmbuck Trainer V 5 2.epub

Farmbuck Trainer V 5 2.epub

Farmbuck Trainer V 5 2.epub

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Farmbuck Trainer V 5 2.epub

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Parsing HTML : textNode.firstChild

I’m trying to get the text from the first h2 tag in the parsed HTML document.
However, when I try this:
var element = document.getElementsByTagName(«h2″)[0];
var textNode = element.firstChild;
var text = textNode.nodeValue;

I get the text from the first h2 in the HTML document.
However, I also get the text from the first h2 tag in the table in the HTML document.
If I would search for the text in the h2 tag in the table, I wouldn’t get that text, so I am trying to do it this way.


You can do this:
var text = element.innerHTML.replace(/


If $\lim_{k\rightarrow \infty} f(k) = \infty$ then $\lim_{k\rightarrow \infty} \frac{1}{f(k)} = 0$?

Let $f: \mathbb N \to \mathbb N$ be a function and suppose that:
$\lim_{k\rightarrow \infty} f(k) = \infty$. Does it follow that $$\lim_{k\rightarrow \infty} \frac{1}{f(k)} = 0?$$
I’m not sure how to work with the assumption that $\lim_{k\rightarrow \infty} f(k) = \infty$ but I’m guessing it implies that $f$ isn’t continuous at $1$.


We have $$\lim_{k\rightarrow\infty}\frac{1}{f(k)} = \lim_{k\to\infty}\frac{k}{f(k)}.$$
If $\lim_{k\to\infty} f(k) = \infty$, then for each $\varepsilon>0$ there exists $N$ such that for all $k\ge N$ we have $f(k)\


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