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Free NEW! Web App To Automatically Add Chord Progression: Chord Master 📥

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Free Web App To Automatically Add Chord Progression: Chord Master

if youre not a signed user of songkey, you can request to be a free user at https://www.songkey.com/blog/free-user . you can use this one-month free trial to use the pitch and tonics algorithms for free. even if youre not using it for free, you can get extra features such as chord highlighting

thesaurus: using pitch detection, you can create pre-tuned tracks for songs and lead sheets without switching to the song window. just place pitch detection into thesaurus and start composing a new tune from a different perspective. you dont even need to plan the arrangement or thinking about what chords a song may have.

keyboard: using pitch detection, you can switch in a moment to a different instrument or instrumentation. for instance, you can switch to a piano by simply clicking the pitch detection button and choosing the instrument from the list. its that easy.

chord finder is a slightly more advanced version of cthulhu, with many more options and a few more features. it also includes a built in chord stack manager which allows you to build stacks of chords, chords from a specific instrument, specific chords for a specific track or play along with a library of existing chord progressions.

chord tool is a simple free app with one button chord finder, one solo button, one arpeggiator and an optional chord progressions section. the chords are dynamically played and chained so you can layer chords or repeat them over and over. you can hold the play button to pan and vary the chord in pitch. you can also copy it to the clipboard.

the muse guitar app is a great way to test your knowledge of guitar theory. not only will it allow you to look up chord progressions and chords, but it will also let you play through open tuning exercises on guitar, when you get stuck.
you can use all this power for practice or composing. the.wav files provided via in-app purchase allow you to play them using any traditional guitar or bass amp app. and every song that you have available to you in your music library and you can play on any standard midi keyboard as well. along with learning songs you can use it as a chord progressions editor to translate a series of chords into a chord progression. or of course you can just play and enjoy your awesome riffs!
chords master allows you to learn songs in different keys. just import songs from your devices music library and then start playing in the key you want to play in. you can also use the new instruments feature to add in various guitar types.
because riffs are so short, they can be easily learned via an app. however you want to learn them, they should be able to learn, remember, and play. riff maestro enables you to do all of this and more with songs you already know in your music library. you can control riff maestro via a mobile or web browser, so you can use it whenever and wherever you like.
chord master adds an accurate & dynamic guitar viewer to your mobile browser that tells you the notes as they play back and at what levels. it keeps track of your progress. you can zoom in to get exact pitches and you can zoom out to see the bigger picture and have an overview of the entire song.


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