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Giantess Games.epub


Giantess Games.epub

toriel and mettaton are an unusual couple; he’s extremely tall and human, and she’s incredibly short and robotic. together, they make a strange group, but when a sudden technological development makes mettaton grow to the size of a giantess — and she can’t control him anymore — the question is: what will they do now?

after a two-year absence, vivi comes back home and is promptly told off by asgore. when he refers to a special serum, vivi tries to find out what it is, and though she’s worried for asgore, she’s forced to break into the lab in order to find out. there, she discovers that asgore has created a potion to create a fifth monster in the underground, asriel. asriel is already missing, and now he wants to create another one, someone younger.
does asgore really want to create another monster? and if he does, will vivi be able to stop him?

a new undyne has just arrived, and her mission is to save the monsters of the underground from the overworld. but she’s not exactly a monster-slayer. instead, she’s taken under the wings of asgore and toriel — two monsters who have lost touch with the real world and are now desperate to find their way back.

asgore has had a massive epiphany, but that doesn’t mean he wants to change who he is. when a woman named asriel comes to visit, asgore decides it’s time to find out what’s become of him. she’s his older daughter, and she’s grown into a woman, and yet she still wants to be his son.
can asgore overcome his fear and help her grow up?

mettaton has grown bigger and stronger, and he’s just not happy anymore. when he steps out of the underground, he wants to find someone to share his frustration with. he arrives at the place where asgore, his creator, worked, but the only person he sees there is his former partner, the creature unversed.

the kratos was an intern at monster kid and was assigned to thianna and asriel as their assistant. but he was a sucker for cute girls, and later developed a forbidden love for thianna. thianna was supposed to be looking after asriel, but she fell in love instead, and the two were married in a ceremony overseen by the three goddesses: freya (cosplay), freya (cosplay), and freyja (large breasts).
my name is tess. i’m a half-giantess. i’m thirteen, but i look like a toddler. i’ve lived a very hard life. my mother abandoned me to the streets. then i became a thief. i know this is strange for you to hear..but i became a thief because i have a strange problem. i don’t like thinking in words. i can’t put things into words. my life has been so hard — i have been through so much. i have no memories of my past life. if this is the first time you’ve ever heard this, i’m sorry. i was hoping my problem would go away when i became a titaness (tess means titaness in welsh. i thought it sounded better.) but it didn’t. i still don’t want to think in words. some days i don’t even want to talk. and some days i can’t understand what people say to me. i’m not sure if i’m a half-giantess or a half-titaness or a different species. you have to learn for yourself how to understand me. (but you won’t have any friends if you don’t!) but i know that you will be my friend. you’re the first person i’ve ever been friends with. if you help me, i will help you. we will be friends! but i warn you: do not make friends with the other titanesses. if you do, you will lose your friendship with me.


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