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Keymacro Editor is a data entry and file-to-file data conversion utility, used to edit text files, with the ability to control the key-stroke sequences to be executed. Keymacro Editor’s main features include data entry, file conversion and file to file conversion. It is based on the Macros concept.
Keymacro Editor features the ability to create, edit, read, write and modify files. The software also allows you to convert files from a format that you don’t have the keymacro Editor utility. Keymacro Editor can convert ASCII to Macros. It allows you to make Macros «on the fly» from simple text data files to complex files with all the Macros you may need.
KEYMACRO Editor permits the data user to create keymacro macro sequences of up to 15 characters per line in the Edit Mode. It features a «Search Mode» and «Auto-Suffix Mode» which allows you to record and save a large number of keymacro macros, together with the text and the line numbers where you can resume it.
KEYMACRO Editor has been designed and developed in Borland Delphi, and it has been tested on all the Windows operating system.
Objects and Functions
In the current version of KEYMACRO Editor, which is «The Studio Edition», the following main objects and functions are available:
• Main Window (Tools & Options menu)
• Main Menu (Tools & Options menu)
• Text File (Ctrl + Shift + T, and then Enter or Menu)
• Line Number Text Box (Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter)
• Search Mode (Ctrl + T, and then Enter or Menu)
• Auto-Suffix Mode (Ctrl + T, and then Enter or Menu)
• Save Mode (Ctrl + S, and then Enter or Menu)
• Save Mode Enabled (On/Off)
• Load Macro (Ctrl + L, and then Enter or Menu)
• Load Macro (Ctrl + L, and then Enter or Menu)
• Load Macro Enabled (On/Off)
• Save Macro (Ctrl + O, and then Enter or Menu)
• Save Macro (Ctrl + O, and then Enter or Menu)
• Save Macro Enabled (On/Off)
• Save Macro Enabled (On/Off)
• Load Macro Enabled (On/Off)
• Load Macro Enabled (On/Off)
• Macro Editor (Ctrl + F


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