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javaKut is a handy, small Java development tool specially designed to help you with the root cause analysis of software events. Uses java debug interface to organize execution traces in terms of data values.

The geeqie image viewer application is a image viewer for GNU/Linux and *BSD operating systems. Based on GTK+, libgdk-pixbuf, liblzo, and libjpeg, it is fully featured with:
View images on your computer (in TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF format), and print them
Image slideshows, with many image effects
Add notes, sketches, and notes to images
Layout slideshows with simple or complex page order
Perform batch operations, import and export filters
View information about images
Select and view image histograms

0ad — The Free Mod for ARMA 3, an attempt to create a Free Mod for everyone!
NOTE: ARMA is a trademark of Bohemia Interactive and used with permission.
Current features:
Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
Easy graphic user interface.
3D terrain generation.
Full text user interface.
0ad is a Free Mod for ARMA 3 that is currently in development by a small team and community. It is based on 0A2 and is a ground-up remake of the original Mod.
0ad features:
Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
Easy graphic user interface.
3D terrain generation.
Full text user interface.
3D graphics for gameplay!
Technical details of the original:
0ad is currently a standalone program, however this is only for convenience. You could use this program like other mods.

Another Planet is a Space 3D Mod for ARMA 3.
Technology used:
Lazy Level Generation
Modular SCR
Modular navmeshes
Unlimited Height
Unlimited Players
Please like us on facebook!

Another Planet Mod Full Version
Are you a SCR fan? Do you want a new, breathtaking, dramatic, intense and addictive Mod? If yes, join Another Planet Mod!

Supremacy Second Edition is a continuation of our first game.
This time we decided to create a more hardcore, complex mod and reinvent the standard rules. Supremacy Second Edition is a third-person, turn-based, 384a16bd22

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Implementation of Password Based Encryption (PBE) to encrypt the password that is generated as result of the
entry of the Zip password in the file header.
The salt is also generated and the salt, the password and the encrypted password are then stored in the
Zip file in the same order. The key used to encrypt the password is also saved for future reference.
Main Properties:
Password: the password generated for this key.
PasswordLength: the length of the password generated for this key.
Salt: the salt generated for this key.
SaltLength: the length of the salt generated for this key.
Key: the stored key of the key used for encryption.
Unencrypted: the unencrypted password.
EncryptedPassword: the encrypted password.
UnencryptedPassword: the unencrypted password.
The PBE key and salt are generated using the method GetKeyPbe() and GetSalt(). It is strongly recommended that
you only store the password and the salt on disk for performance reasons.
Required Fields:
Password: (Required)
PasswordLength: (Required)
Salt: (Optional)
SaltLength: (Optional)
Key: (Optional)
Data: (Optional)
Notes: (Optional)
GetKeyPbe() and GetSalt() return respectively the password and the salt of the currently saved key as one
byte array.
IWICImagingFactory ^factory = gcnew IWICImagingFactory();
IWICBitmap ^bitmap = NULL;
IWICFormatConverter ^converter = gcnew IWICFormatConverter();

bitmap = (IWICBitmap *)factory->CreateBitmap(wDevice, hDevice, 16, 2,
IComponentFormat::scaleByRatio(12.0f, 96.0f), nullptr, WICBitmapDitherTypeNone,

// Create a memory stream on the device context.

DWORD stream_bytes = 0;

IStream *stream = gcnew Stream(g_clsid);

// Create the compression stream.

IWICStream *stream2 = converter->InitializeFromStream(stream, WICBitmapDitherTypeNone);

// Initialize the compression options.



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