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Is there any built-in VCL function for finding a first ancestor of a GtkWidget

I would like to find the first ancestor of a GtkWidget. However, the function GtkWidget.GetXid, I only can find the windowsid for a window. I want to find the first ancestor of a GtkWindow. For example, I would like to find the first ancestor of the GtkWindow with the id of ‘gtk-dialog-yes-no’ which is in the label of the entry-dialog (i.e. above the GtkEntry and GtkEntryBox). So the code will be something like this:
which: integer;
window: GtkWindow;
which := gtk_widget_get_ancestor_at_pos(‘gtk-dialog-yes-no’, window);
log (‘which=’ + IntToStr(which) + ‘

Is there any existing function for this? I can code the logic myself but I would rather use the standard VCL structure.
PS: I have looked at but it seems to be about getting the immediate parent, not the first ancestor.


From here, you can use Gtk.GtkWindow.IterateBackwards.
procedure TForm1.ButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
Window: Gtk.Window;
Index: integer;
Window := gtk_widget_get_ancestor_at_pos(‘gtk-dialog-yes-no’, gtk_widget_get_parent(Sender));

for Index := 0 to Gtk.Window.IterateBackwards(-1) do
if (Gtk.Window(Gtk.Window.IterateBackwards(-1))) = Gtk.Window(Sender) then


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