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• By default, mouse keys work when you launch the app. Mouse keys will work as you expect in the app, but the application will not recognize mouse clicks (other than window buttons) that happen outside of the app. This is a known issue and should be dealt with by the customer/developer of the software.
• By default, controls for start of the app are moved to the menu bar.
• Keybindings work in most of the work. Mouse keys are not available in the workbench.
• Quick start: use the 3 finger swipe across the screen to activate it.
• Multi-monitor support: mouse keys work with multiple monitors and the window menu is shown on all monitors.
• Right click menu: works with right click menu.
• Save/restore: the settings are saved with the document.
• Language settings: it includes English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukranian and Albanian.
• Status bar: status bar is shown in the tray.
• The status bar’s background color can be changed.
• Menus: it has main menu and context menus.
• Stopwatch: it has adjustable speed and functions.
• The stopwatch is reset when you close the app.
• The stopwatch can be enabled or disabled.
• Support for CTRL + ESC to close the app.
• Support for CTRL + S to save the document.
• Support for closing the tray icon by clicking.
• Support for close the app by clicking on the system tray icon.
• You can open a document even if the document was closed.
• You can control the open/close of the app without clicking on the app’s icon.
• You can show/hide the window of the app by clicking on the window menu in the system tray.
• Support for scrolling by clicking on the scrollbar.
• You can use keyboard keys and mouse keys together.
• It can open from empty page.
• You can create folders in a document.
• You can set priority to windows.
• You can set sound for message boxes.
• You can set timer and alarm.
• You can create multiple documents.
• It has unique document/task folder and has a document/task view.
• It can open multiple documents.
• It has the ability to auto-create a task.
• It has the ability to auto-create a task 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO [Space] — Start a new macro and enter the default command.
[Tab] — Move to the next command.
[Comma] — Add a new command to the macro.
[Ctrl] — Invoke the macro editor.
[Esc] — Abort macro recording.
[Ctrl] + [Space] — Cut the selected text (inactive area).
[Ctrl] + [PageUp] — Scroll up one screen.
[Ctrl] + [PageDown] — Scroll down one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Home] — Scroll the view up one screen.
[Ctrl] + [End] — Scroll the view down one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Left] — Scroll the view left one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Right] — Scroll the view right one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Up] — Scroll the view up one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Down] — Scroll the view down one screen.
[Ctrl] + [Left] + [Space] — Focus the menu editor.
[Ctrl] + [Right] + [Space] — Focus the menu editor.
[Ctrl] + [Up] + [Space] — Focus the undo manager.
[Ctrl] + [Down] + [Space] — Focus the undo manager.
[Ctrl] + [Ctrl] — Set the menu focus to the Window menu.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] — Set the menu focus to the File menu.
[Ctrl] + [Ctrl] + [Space] — Focus the menu editor.
[Alt] + [Ctrl] — Select the following text.
[Alt] + [Shift] + [Ctrl] — Select the following text.
[Ctrl] + [Ctrl] + [Ctrl] — Toggle case selection.
[Ctrl] + [Ctrl] + [Shift] — Toggle selection.
[Ctrl] + [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Ctrl] — Toggle selection and case.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Ctrl] — Toggle selection and case and selection.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Shift] — Toggle selection, case and selection.
[Ctrl] + [Tab] — Focus to the next field.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab] — Focus to the next field.
[Tab] + [Tab] — Move


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