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The most obvious solution will be to scrap the current regex:
[a-z0-9- ]{6,}

and replace it with
/^[a-z0-9- ]{6,}$/gm

but I am not sure that this is the best solution, and I’m not sure how to use it correctly.
Thanks for the help.


Some browsers like Chrome and Safari might drop a leading — on a message that’s a valid email.
I suggest using a single lookbehind to match only the part of the string after the -, and then use a positive lookahead to match up to the end of the string, making sure the regex does not match the -.
From Wikipedia:

A negative lookahead is a pattern in a regular expression that represents
a regular expression that must not be matched, unlike a negative lookbehind
which matches and asserts that a pattern does not occur. For example, the
string «foobarbaz» would match the pattern (a negative lookbehind pattern)
(?!baz) but not (a negative lookahead pattern) (?!bar), because the lookbehind
ensures that the baz does not occur, but the lookahead ensures that the
bar is not present.

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