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KEYMACRO is a file encryption program that lets you encrypt files and protect them against theft. It offers several levels of protection against unauthorized access to confidential data and automatically changes the names of all of your files before they are saved.
With this program, you can encrypt any amount of data with a password. The data is encrypted and saved in an encrypted format and becomes completely inaccessible for anyone else. This makes the data considerably more secure than it would be if the files were merely saved in a file format that can easily be accessed.
File encryption is supported with any of your existing files. The software automatically creates new files in a different format with randomly-generated names and lets you start working with them right away.
The program also includes a registry editor that allows you to access your file encryption settings and to control the encryption status of all of the saved files. If you want to open a file that has been protected with this program, you have to go to the program’s configuration panel and set a strong password to prevent anyone from accessing the file.
FAST Access Description:
FAST is a powerful image viewer and converter that lets you search, view, edit, convert, and capture images from digital cameras and memory cards.
You can view all of the images in any supported format. This software also supports EXIF data, which makes it possible to view and edit the image metadata such as the location, date, and time of the shooting, the focal length of the lens, the image quality, and so on.
Another advantage of FAST is the automatic photo enhancement system. The program includes numerous features that make it possible to improve the quality of the pictures and let you adjust various image attributes.
FAST is also able to capture images using specific camera settings. Users just have to choose a desired resolution and then to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and the other available settings, all from within the program. The program automatically saves the images in the format that matches the selected settings.
The program can also convert any image format to several other supported formats. For example, the program can make a JPG or JPEG file out of a RAW image, a RAW file out of a JPG file, a JPG file out of a JPEG file, and so on. You can also convert images from SD cards to HD ones.
FAST is a powerful image viewer and converter. It includes an automatic photo enhancement system and allows you to capture images from digital cameras with specific camera settings.
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A set of macros for AutoIt that allow for making the keyboard shortcuts easier and more accessible.
Quickly Access Control Keys: You can access the control keys just by typing their names.
Find the Cursor Position: Typing this macro will find the cursor position on the screen.
Command Autocompletion: This macro allows you to do the autocomplete with the keywords entered.
Existing and New Commands: This macro stores all the defined commands in the order in which they are defined.
Find the Cursor Position: You can set this macro to find the cursor position when it is created.
Command Autocompletion: This macro is automatically done when a new command is made.
New Keywords: You can create the shortcut commands from the list of keywords you have.
Keyword Search: You can search for the keyword that you want to create a shortcut command.
Command Log: All the current commands can be recorded as comments and saved in the file.
Start with Special Character: You can start to create shortcut command with a special character.
Keyboard Shortcut: You can create keyboard shortcut command with the help of this macro.

Custom Macro Add-ons – The…

Keymacro is a set of custom macro add-ons for the AutoIt 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1. They are lightweight, powerful and user-friendly tool for all windows and keyboard shortcuts.
Keymacro for AutoIt 3.1 is easy to use and user-friendly. It is lightweight, powerful and user-friendly tool for all windows and keyboard shortcuts. You can use this add-on to help you quickly access to control keys, build menus or add text in any window (window control for file, edit, menu, etc.) and create your own keyboard shortcuts.
It is also possible to launch the file manager from the keyboard by just pressing the F1, F2, F3, etc. keys.
You will be able to access the current position of the cursor of your script with the Press Macro Key or with the Press Macro Key again macro.
You can set an already defined command from the keyboard shortcut list or start creating your own shortcut by just typing it.
Keymacro for AutoIt 4.1 allows you to:
* Create the keyboard shortcuts for your script (All possible keys),
* Control the Windows you want to use (Menu, File, Edit, etc.),
* Create new macro commands


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