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KEYMACRO is a desktop macro application that can create and run a macro script. A macro script is a program or an automated process that usually does something automatically or performs a task. Once the macro is created and saved it can be automatically run by right-clicking on the menu item or the button on the keyboard.
This software provides a user friendly interface and allows user to create, run, edit and create macro scripts. User can create scripts using standard Microsoft Visual Basic Programming language or by using the macros feature of Keynote (and PowerPoint)
Keystroke Macros can be used to create short cuts on the Mac desktop, most commonly in a few application that has the Keynote format; such as:

Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.

Keystroke Macros are used to create short cuts, by typing the keyboard shortcut, the script can be run.

Keystroke Macros are used to automate repetitive tasks like opening files, displaying items or displaying a graphical list of files.

Keystroke macros are used to create small programs that add to your productivity.

Keystroke macros are a powerful productivity tool for users who work in a creative field.

It is fairly easy to create macros for a range of applications by creating one script for one task and then copying the script to create a similar script for another task.

Macros can be used in both Keynote and PowerPoint.

Tasks can be added to the scripts to run any application or perform any other task.

What’s new in this version:
Added an option to bring the open source version of the software (Keynote.
Added an option to import notes from Keynote into Keynote
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint (and PowerPoint.

#2: QGloo


Key Features

QGloo is a free utility that enables you to remotely control and remotely manage your Windows desktop from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The program allows you to play games, access media files, run applications and use features remotely without the need to be physically connected to 384a16bd22

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How to use:
AZIWORLD is a user-friendly and effective piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you the ability to generate azimuth maps using any point on the globe as its center.
Basic yet intuitive appearance
The application features a fairly clean and accessible interface, its functions being sufficiently self-explanatory so as not to pose any difficulty, even to computer novices.
AZIWORLD is made up of two main windows, one functioning as the generator, while the other displays and lets you save your map, or adjust various preferences about it.
Pick your azimuth map’s center and build it with a click
To get started, you need to select the center of your map in the ‘Generator’ section of the program, by clicking on it with your mouse. To find a precise position, you can look at the lower edge of the window to discover the coordinates of your mouse cursor, when hovering over the Earth.
Once you click on the targeted spot on the globe, AZIWORLD automatically builds the map for you and displays it in a dedicated window, allowing you to see where various countries or cities are situated, when seen from that particular perspective.
From the ‘File’ menu of the utility, you can save the azimuth map to your computer, to BMP format, by specifying the full destination path, along with the file name. However, you cannot define the quality or the size of the image, as it is generated and exported using a default set of parameters.
A practical azimuth map maker
To conclude, AZIWORLD is a handy and useful application that can assist you in creating azimuth maps with a custom central point. While it offers minimal customization options in terms of output possibilities, it allows you to save the result to BMP format.

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This week we started talking about the history of music, how it evolved and grew up, and how it could even die. To get an overview of this massive topic, we’ve created this piece, a short review of the main eras of the musical history of the last 500 years, starting with the Gregorian chanting in the year 1000. We’ll follow the acoustic music until the birth of electronic music in the 20th century, and then we’ll


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