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Please note: the keystrokes you generate using your computer keyboard are not the same as the ones listed in this example.
The guidance of the manual is the basis of this application.
The following list includes the most common book formatting requirements for a single-column document. For more information about formatting in APA, please refer to the publication manual.
Page Dimensions
• Exact width and length required.
• The margins must be justified.
• Page length should not exceed 8.5 inches.
Headers and Footers
• Each title, chapter, and section must be on a separate page.
• A title page or table of contents should precede each chapter.
• The title and page number must be centered at the top of the page.
• The page number or chapter number must be centered in the upper right of each page of the chapter.
• Author, title, date, and source should appear centered on the title page.
• The running heads should be centered on the title page, and the title of the chapter or section should appear above it.
• If no page numbers are included on the title page, the running head must be centered on the right-hand margin of the page.
• The running head should consist of the author’s last name, the book title, and the year of publication.
• The running head of a chapter or section should be the name of the chapter or section, followed by a period, the chapter number, and the year.
• The running head of a chapter or section should be centered in the page but may not extend into the right-hand margin.
• The table of contents should appear at the end of the document.
• The table of contents page and the page numbers should appear on the top and bottom margins of the last page of the book.
• The title page must be printed first.
• The title should be printed in 12-point Times New Roman, boldface.
• Page numbers should be printed in boldface.
• Quotations, references, and footnotes should appear in the same font and style as the body text.
• When footnotes appear within the text, they should be centered below the text.
• Footnotes should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear.
• Full citations of references should be provided in the text, with all page numbers intact.
• Full references should be supplied in-text, with all page 384a16bd22

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1. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [E] to show/hide the tool tip.
2. Double click any image to create a desktop wallpaper.
3. Press [F5] to reload the images.

• Important! •
This theme pack is a.msi file. It’s not a zip archive. Please do not attempt to extract the theme pack through the Windows Archive Extractor. This theme pack contains images that are not your copyright. Thus we would like to give you the opportunity to use those images if you like. For commercial purposes please contact us.

A lot of thought has gone into this theme pack to ensure that no matter what screen resolution you have, you can still enjoy the high resolution images.Q:

How to compare the case-insensitively?

I am new to python. I have a list of different_names, which contains data of different names from a project. I want to compare each record of data in different_names to make sure that the spelling in each record is the same. Here is my code:
def check_names(different_names):
for element in different_names:
for key in different_names:
if element[key] == different_names[key]:
print element
print different_names

The code runs successfully, however the result printed is wrong. Here is the result:
{‘F_No’: 10, ‘Second_Name’: ‘@student1’, ‘Last_Name’: ‘@student2’, ‘ID’: 1, ‘ID_text’: », ‘First_Name’: ‘@student1’, ‘Student_Title’: ‘Student 1’, ‘Second_Name_text’: ‘@student1’, ‘F_Name’: ‘@student1’, ‘Place_of_Birth’: ‘AUS’, ‘ID_text_PLACE’: », ‘ID_name_PLACE’: », ‘City’: ‘HAR’, ‘Nationality’: », ‘Second_Name_text_PLACE’: », ‘Last_Name_text_PLACE’: », ‘Second_Name_PLACE’: », ‘Last_Name_PL


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