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MeldaProduction € MAudioPlugins 14.00 VST, VST3, AAX X86 X64 High Quality


MeldaProduction € MAudioPlugins 14.00 VST, VST3, AAX X86 X64

meldaproduction is an innovative and powerful audio plug-in suite for pro tools. meldaproduction is built upon a clean and simple gui, but also has a powerful core where you can create your own unique effects. with more than 60 different processing effects and one of the best vst-plugins to date, meldaproduction, offers great value for the new generation of producers who are looking for an easy to use audio plug-in suite.

with the meldaproduction audio plug-in, you can create your own unique effects. more than 60 different processing effects and one of the best vst-plugins to date are included. with more than 60 different processing effects and one of the best vst-plugins to date, meldaproduction offers great value for the new generation of producers who are looking for an easy to use audio plug-in suite.

the main new feature is “stereo connect”, a new feature that allows you to connect two meldaplugins side by side. you can use this feature to combine two effects (for example a 2–4 plug-in and a chorus plug-in) to get one of the most powerful effects in the market. you can also combine effects with a meldajitter plug-in to get a classic vst-applications like soundtoys – jitter, shimmer, flanger or chorus. also you can use the stereo-connect to have an effect without the middle section and to connect two effects to create the classic “chorus” effect.

the new stereo-connect feature can be used for any meldaplugin. the meldajitter feature has been updated with more control and new sounds. the meldaenv feature has been updated with a new wavetable and the sound engine has been updated with the new windows 10 update. a lot of the bugs have been fixed.

el nombre del lanzamiento de la nueva versión ha sido el 14.00, que traducimos por “14 años”. también incluimos la versión de melda production, que es la 14.00. su llamativa tela de fondo de fondo muestra una imagen de nuestro perfil donde podemos ver el año de lanzamiento y la fecha de actualización.
siguiendo con las mejoras, hemos añadido otro nuevo audio clásico y una nueva nota de una escala mayor. se trata del famoso staccato de ferruccio busoni, una de las notas más emblemáticas de bach y parte de la compilación historia de los compases de haydn.
meldaproduction maudioplugins features: 32 high quality virtual instruments, mixers and effects 64-bit processing vst, vst3 and aax compatible high quality sound cross platform (windows, mac os x and linux) if you like this plugin collection, take a look at the melda network website, a new online music store from meldaproduction.
meldaproduction maudioplugins is a new collection of 32 high quality vst plugins. this plugin collection includes virtual instrument (vst) instruments, mixers and effects. many of the plug-ins in this collection have been developed in collaboration with one of the best producer and engineer of the last decade. this plugin collection is available for mac os x, windows and linux.
the plug-ins were developed for and are used by various music professionals in the entertainment industry. the maudioplugins plug-ins have all been optimized for professional use in the most demanding audio production environments.


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