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Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No Cd __TOP__ Crack

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No Cd __TOP__ Crack

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No Cd __TOP__ Crack


Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No Cd Crack

snake has been ordered to infiltrate big shell and find the metal gear and its controls. the metal gear is a giant, walking tank that can be used to destroy cities. to do this, the metal gear needs to be located and controlled by the sons of liberty. upon reaching big shell, snake infiltrates the facility and finds a large base, where he encounters the us military and a large number of american hostages, all of whom are members of the dead cell.

snake learns that the sons of liberty have set up a number of tanks and other armed vehicles outside of big shell. the vehicles are protected by an invisible force field, which is breached by an emp device called the «metal gear».

the game’s cinematic atmosphere is a stark contrast to the more action-oriented style of sons of liberty and substance. this is the most «japanese» entry in the series, and it brings with it a new kind of stealth game. the player can now use the environment to their advantage, and there are some more sophisticated ai routines to worry about. the tension of sneaking around the factory compound is genuine; these are not idle threats from little goons. enemies now have a more realistic (and frightening) reaction to players trying to sneak around the factory. they are actually able to detect the player (even in the dark) and they can use their ears to detect your approach. they will make noises that can alert the guards outside. each one of the soldiers has their own unique arsenal that can be used against the player. the guards actually have eyes and ears, which makes them much more alert and dangerous. there are even guards who can see in the dark and who can spot an enemy even before they start making noise. the player can also detect some of the enemies, but they are often so well-hidden that the enemy won’t even see you until you start shooting. snake can use his silenced weapon to the right of the screen to sneak past the guards (this weapon is only available in the japanese version). the armaments that snake can carry range from large weapons like the mako machine gun to more subtle items like fish that can be used to sneak past some of the guards. there are three types of alarm systems, and snake can disable them with his wirecutters. the plant is an innovative new setting for the series. snake can use the machinery to stop or start the alarm clock, and the plant is a perfect place to prepare for a stealth mission. some of the enemies use dog tags, and the player can use a special radio to hack into the computer to see what the enemy’s name is and see their real mission. a new item called a silence cartridge can be used to prevent the enemy from detecting the player.

the term «stealth game» has become synonymous with the metal gear series, with metal gear solid becoming the most successful example of the genre, surpassing even the original metal gear in terms of sales and critical acclaim. the series is widely known for its tendency to deliver action-packed and emotional gameplay experiences, and metal gear solid 2 is no exception. the gameplay, while not overly complex, is still challenging and highly rewarding, thanks to the wide array of advanced weapons and tools, as well as the game’s complex enemies and environments.
if you’re new to the series, the collection is a great place to start. metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty and metal gear solid 3: snake eater stand out as the two best entries in the series, while metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots is worth checking out for fans of the series. while the game’s plot line is definitely familiar, it is still enjoyable for fans, and the two are interconnected by the introduction of a new character, the naked ninja. gameplay is familiar as well, with the character switching between snake and solid snake as needed and employing a number of different gameplay systems. it’s fun and often surprisingly heartwarming, as well as being a lot of fun.
metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty, metal gear solid 3: snake eater, and metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots are all available for the ps3, and metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty, metal gear solid 3: snake eater, and metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots have all been ported to xbox 360. if you’re not a fan of the first game, metal gear solid 2 is a good place to start.


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