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A plugin that allows to search the database, the active playlist and all playlists.
Support for many filter modes, including match all, match one and pass.
A filter can be saved as a custom filter.
You can also add new domains and/or filter types.
foo dbsearch
c:\foo dbsearch.dll —
c:\foo.dbsearch —
foo.dbsearch — Open Source

foo.dbsearch.dll (c)2011-2012 Joel Löwgren
foo.dbsearch.dll (c)2013-2014 Fabian Knievel
open sourced under the MIT License

foo.dbsearch.dll is distributed under the MIT License — Please read
it before using it
Requires foobar2000 v. or later
(info) c:\foo.dbsearch — Usage:
foobar2000:> foo dbsearch
foo.dbsearch:> foo dbsearch 3
foo.dbsearch:> foo dbsearch u
foo.dbsearch:> foo dbsearch h

Can you help me? I can’t find anything. This is a bug or a feature?

Is there a workaround/option that allows to be able to modify some
values that are only specified by the «General» tab? E.g.
change/remove the «Title» and «Author» of the first track.
Something like:
Attribute: |
|— | ——|
| Value |
|— | ——|
| Title | Name of the author of the first track
|— | ——|
| Author |
|— | ——|

I tried the [DBHTML] tag and it changes the position of the item but not the attributes

This is a bug. I know it should be there, but it could be useful in some scenarios.
If you want to fix it, first read this:

Then, write an explanation of how this bug can be useful to you in your reasons, and why you think it should be fixed. Then, you may be able to convince the author 384a16bd22

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Video Production Master is a powerful video editing software which enables you to create, edit, and publish professional-looking movies and videos. It also helps you to mix videos and create DVDs. Import video from any format (avi, mov, dvd, sgi, flv, mp4, mpeg, mpeg2, asf, jpg, gif, etc.) and edit them with the help of various visual and audio effects, such as slow motion, overlay, panning, and titles, as well as export videos to various formats (wmv, mp4, avi, mov, flv, wmv, and dvd). You can add various transition effects to your videos and create DVD discs. Moreover, you can use Batch Picture Processor to convert several pictures simultaneously. KEYMACRO Demo Version:

Office Star has everything you need to run, manage, and secure your business. With this flexible software, you can connect with your customers, respond to e-mails, manage contracts, and make intelligent decisions. No matter where you are. Office Star includes innovative features for managing your office with ease. Like personalizing your daily tasks and scheduling into a variety of appointments, times, and other calendar events. Connect to your customers and suppliers through integration with LiveAgent®. Call your customers directly from within the app and book appointments. Plus, with automatic billing, it’s easy to take care of any outstanding payments or invoices. With Office Star, you can be the boss.
• See what’s happening with your appointments, tasks, and availability
• Manage appointments directly from the app, including the ability to add notes and leave feedback
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