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Sd Root Nt16or8gbv4 7 Zip

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Sd Root Nt16or8gbv4 7 Zip

I wanted to root my Nook because I was tired of rooting my older android phones and tablets, but I didn’t have much experience with rooting. All I did was put my card in, and it rooted instantly.

Rooting works fine, but when I turned on my nook tablet, the screen went black and just hung there. I finally turned the nook off and turned it back on. I don’t have a clue what happened, but I’m guessing maybe it went from stock to 1.4.0, and it couldn’t find the installable update? I don’t know though. I’m running 1.4.1, and it all seems fine to me.

I had so many problems with my root. First, I didn’t write the right factory image. Second, my SD card did not have enough space to download the recovery image. I had to use a USB cable to download the image from the website. Third, I did not install fastboot. I tried those for a couple of times, but it would always result in the tablet rebooting.

Stuck on Nook screen when setting up SdCard for root. Nook powered up without SD card. Had to remove sd card to restore as if it is in anyway broken. The screen is stuck on the screen showing status of Files when it should be showing the setting screen to install the Sd card. I have tried removing the sd card in the nook boot order. I have tried putting sd card and nook into the nook boot order. I have tried holding the volume up and down button. I have tried formatting the SD card in both Nook and computer. I have tried the free and paid drivers. I am at my wits end trying to get the install to work. My computer has a persoanl Sd card reader and the card is still in the pc. Do I have to format and sd card in computer?

So after rooting, it boots straight into the new nook OS. I have no idea what the hardware requirements are though. I used the SD card with the original software and image when trying to root. You can run smooth because you have secure checks and such removed.
I just rooted my first nook. Im very happy with it. My problem is my next nook is having trouble not rebooting all the time. I was reading that it may be hard to reprocude. Is there a way to get a video of me doing the root and then what would happen so I can see the whole process?
Ok, I have rooted my nook. My problem now is that the zip file now has all my apps and music on it, etc. But the only partition is the flash card, but there are other files on the Nook. How do I resize my sd card to use all the free space on my Nook. Also, I have not put back the files, because I don’t know how. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Just tried rooting my nook. I’ve been on these forums since the start, and this is the first time I’ve tried to do a custom root in the Nook. I successfully rooted the nook in the past, but I’ve never tried to do this in the Nook. The only negative comment I can see is that you need to repartition the SD card. This can be done from Nook OS, but it is a bit tricky. I’d like to know, does anyone know any tools, or a method of partitioning the SD card for the Nook that don’t require Nook OS? I have a card that I’m working with, but I’m not sure what to do with the Nook. All my files are on the SD card, as well as the apps and games. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Rooting my nook right now, I haven’t checked back with you for an answer, but I just looked at the link you sent me too and I think there is a trick you can do and can be done in wubi in windows. It says it can be done using usb mode. I’ll update with more info once I get it done, keep checking back.


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