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■ USE: will activate the macro description.
■ LOAD: will Load a new Image from your computer to the current image.
■ O: will increase the current image’s opacity.
■ BACK: will increase the back arrow’s opacity.
■ HOME: will decrease the back arrow’s opacity.
■ ESCAPE: will exit the macro.
■ O-SHIFT+ HOME: will increase the back arrow’s opacity and decrease the current image’s opacity.
■ ESCAPE+ O-SHIFT+ HOME: will exit the macro and change the back arrow’s opacity.
You can also try this screensaver:
screensaver: Fireworks
ESC — will Exit the Macros.
O-SHIFT+ HOME will increase the back arrow’s opacity and decrease the current image’s opacity.
ESC+ O-SHIFT+ HOME will exit the Macros.
~ Photo by Elsain, used under the terms of Creative Commons license on to your butts, we are talking about a chest that’s part of a fairly new jacket line for Adidas.

The warm-up jackets are to be available for the 13th edition of the European Grand Prix, which is scheduled for the 28th of September. The first one will be revealed at the German Grand Prix in a week.

What we are looking at here is a pretty cool looking piece, sure. But the real point here, is that this sportswear brand is stepping up the game.

The first, which is available for the German GP, comes with a hood, making it a warm-up jacket, something that is pretty standard for this style of jacket.

But the second jacket is more interesting, at least for the leathers lovers.

The second piece comes with mesh, to make it sweat- and temperature-resistant.

No word on prices yet, but they are supposed to be $150, which isn’t too shabby, so we would expect these to be fairly affordable.


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Node.js is a JavaScript-based platform for building scalable network programs.

Node.js offers a good level of performance and a fast start-up time.

Node.js is open-source software.

Application Development Example

One of the simplest Node.js applications uses a data stream and it’s to be expected that the data flow is one-way. To get a general idea of how to code this sort of solution, here’s a simple example of how to build a server.

The Node.js package, «net» (for Node.js), offers a set of classes and methods in order to facilitate the creation of network programs. If we wish to create a stream of data, we must instantiate a server. The server will then listen to a designated port and whenever a new connection arrives, it will send the data to the user.

The following code is a simple example which adds two numbers together. The net object uses the stream module to create a new event stream. It then listens to a connection event with a single file of the listening object. The connection ends up at the on(‘connection’, event, listener) object, which sends the response and closes the connection.

Getting Started

The starting point to develop using Node.js is to get node.js installed on your system. Installing the node.js is fairly straightforward and well described in the Net docs. In order to get started, there are some pre-requisites that you may want to consider. First, you need to have the Java SDK (formerly known as jdk) installed and in order to do this, you’ll need to download the latest JDK and set up your environment.

In addition, in order to use node.js, you should have at least version 0.6.2 installed. A simple command to get this is:

sudo apt-get install nodejs

If you have the correct version installed, you should be good to go!

Node.js Network Programming Example

One of the first things you should do is create a file and put the node.js code in it. In order to get started, run node.js.

node.js opens the file with the script language.

The code is a little verbose, but everything should be self-explanatory from there on.

Making a Node.js Server

The server object can be created with a «net


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