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KEYMACRO works by creating a macro for every copy of a text that you perform. It has the ability to automatically detect the pasted text, assign it to a given category, and automatically move the copied text to the right clipboard.
UCRYSTAL Description:
UCRYSTAL is the latest and most complete utility that aims to monitor and store the incoming clipboard text. It is a simple clipboard manager with the ability to automatically remove blank lines from the text, strip HTML tags, and insert a custom quote character whenever a text block is being quoted.
OSCAP Description:
OSCAP is an application that aims to make it easier to manipulate and export multiple documents, either manually or automatically, to different file formats. It is able to automate both data and text document conversions in order to save you the work and make you a copy of the original text.
Shane McDonald January 23, 2019 Kana Clip

Kana Clip is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you store multiple clipboard text entries. The utility is able to process text and links. It cannot save images.
Comes in a portable edition
This is a portable program. You can take advantage of its portability status and run it on your system by opening the executable file (there’s no setup included in the process).
The tool does not store entries in your Windows registry so you can get rid of it by deleting the files that you have downloaded from the Internet. In addition, you can drop it on portable media devices and carry it with you.
Unobtrusive running mode
Kana Clip gives you the possibility to access its features via the system tray. You can easily start or stop the clipboard monitoring process and look for URLs. Each time you copy links to the clipboard, the application shows popup notifications asking you if you want to open the target URL.
Store and insert clipboard snippets
The program is able to automatically monitor and store clipboard data into its memory. In order to access the text entries saved to the clipboard, you need to make use of a hotkey. A list with all available options is automatically displayed in a popup panel.
Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to flush or refresh the text clips, quote text, as well as strip HTML tags, blank lines, and leading/tailing spaces.
A few configuration settings are implemented for helping you run the utility at Windows startup, specify the maximum number of clips, insert a custom quote character, and reassign hot 384a16bd22

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— Supports batch processing of PDF documents.- To enable batch processing, click «Add Folder», select the documents and click «Add». Then right-click on the folder of the selected documents, and choose «Batch Convert», «FTP», or «Email» from the context menu.- After the conversion, you can control the file name and the resulting file extension. To specify the file name of the output file, right-click on the folder, select «Batch Convert», and choose «Advanced» from the context menu.- You can use the following settings for PDF conversion.- The selection of «All» is for using the entire page range; «-n» is for selecting the specified page number in the source file; «-s» is for selecting the specified page range in the source file; «-z» is for specifying the zoom factor.- To select only the specified page range of the source document, right-click on the folder, select «Advanced», and choose «Selection» from the context menu. The «Selection mode» is «Selection by page».- The file name of the output file can be specified by clicking «File name» on the contextual menu.- To insert a «Next» button, click «Next».- To insert a «Previous» button, click «Previous».- To create the linked PDF, click «Link to PDF».- The quality settings of JPEG images can be adjusted by clicking «Adjust» at the bottom of the page. — To change the format of output SWF, click «Edit», click «Other settings», and then click «Generate SWF».- To choose the output format and the size of output SWF, click «Edit», click «Output settings», and then click «Generate SWF».- To disable the remaining fields, click «Edit», click «Other settings», and then click «Disable».

IconFun Free Mac Utilities Software

GnuCash is a GTK+-based personal and business accounting package for Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS X. It is written in C and supports multiple data backends, including flat files, SQLite, LDAP, and PostgreSQL. GnuCash is cross-platform and runs on a wide range of platforms, including Linux, UNIX, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris. On top of the accounting functionality, GnuCash has a spreadsheet-like user interface, which is cross-platform and designed to be


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