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1. First of all you need to know what is a screen saver
a. A screen saver is an application that displays something
while you are not working at your desktop.
b. The screen saver is used when the computer is idle.
2. How to use MessagePoint to run a PowerPoint presentation as a screensaver
a. You can use MessagePoint directly as a screen saver, no
need of another program to execute the screensaver.
b. To configure MessagePoint to run a PowerPoint presentation as a
screensaver, you need to complete the following steps:
1) Open MessagePoint and click File menu —> Save your work as Macro. Save the file with a.mac extension.
2) Select the macro name and click Open.
3) Go to the File menu and select Macro —> Display.
4) Select the PowerPoint presentation which you want to run as a
screensaver. You can also open any PowerPoint presentation
directly from the File menu.
5) Click Run and then select OK.
6) Click File menu and select Settings.
7) Select the Windows desktop effect that you want MessagePoint to run the PowerPoint presentation.
To configure the effect settings, you need to do the following
1) Go to the Property menu and select Window Screensaver.
2) Go to the Screen Saver section and check the Screen saver will run at startup check box.
3) Go to the Screensaver section and select the screensaver effect
that you want to use for your PowerPoint presentation.
4) Go to the Effects section and select the Desktop effect that you
want to use for your PowerPoint presentation.
5) Select the option that you want to use for the default effect.
6) Go to the Advanced section and choose a shortcut key for
the macro you just created.
7) Click Save and then OK to save the changes.
NOTE: The shortcut key needs to be the hotkey that you want to use
to run MessagePoint as a screensaver.
8) Go to the File menu and select Settings to finish the
When you click the Run button, MessagePoint will run the
specified PowerPoint presentation as a screensaver.
How to open and update PowerPoint presentation on the server side:
To open the PowerPoint presentation on the server side, you
need to do the following:
1) Go to the File menu and select 384a16bd22

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