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Programmable keyboard macro-automation app for Windows. User friendly, intuitive interface and easy to use. New commands can be created in one click. KeyLogger is fully compatible with all Windows versions from XP to the latest Windows 10. KeyLogger allows you to create and save your own keyboard macros, so that you can run them later by simply pressing a single key. You will be able to assign any single character or sequence of characters to your macros. KeyLogger provides multiple tools to create macros and to run them.
KeyMacro is a command line program for Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10) for running macros directly from a command line. While the default setting is to run macros after the cmd.exe, the program can also be configured to run macros directly, e.g. «C:\Program Files\KeyMacro\KeyMacro.exe -e -c xxx» where «xxx» is a sequence of characters you want to use for the macro. The -e parameter stands for «execute» command. It allows you to run all macros. With «run macro» option, only the selected macro will be executed, the rest will be ignored. The -c parameter stands for «execute command» option. It allows you to run only a single macro. -v parameters displays the available macros, their descriptions and their executability.
Many more options: see HELP KEYMACRO at the command line.
— A complete command line interface. You can use this option to run all macros.
— The option to execute macros directly, e.g. «C:\Program Files\KeyMacro\KeyMacro.exe -e -c xxx». This option is not available by default.
— Many command line switches: see HELP KEYMACRO.
— Many macro types: «Cut», «Copy», «Paste», «Delete», «Delete lines», «Delete words», «Search», «Replace», «Replacing text», «Go to line», «Go to the line after», «Go to the line before», «Select all», «Unselect all», «Print selected», «Create new empty file», «Delete empty file», «Select all lines in the file», «Select all lines in the file, highlight», «Select all words in the file», «Select all words in the file, highlight», «Select all characters in the file 384a16bd22

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— Plugin format: VST (AudioUnit,…

Multiwinia is a tool designed to improve your productivity when you work with OpenOffice documents. It is available in two languages: English and Spanish.
You can customize Multiwinia to provide greater control over the way the application displays files, windows, bookmarks, and more. You can also…

The program Vychobacterion was created with the purpose of organizing your disk space to get an easy overview of all installed programs and find out which are the largest occupying part of your hard disk.
Vychobacterion Description:
— Designed with the user in mind, Vychobacterion provides the user…

The Vychobacterion is a program designed to get an overview of the usage of your hard disk space. It shows a brief analysis of all your installed applications. If you decide to run the program you can choose from two configuration options: analyze the recent programs or analyze the entire…

QuickFinder is a file manager that was designed to help you find files on your hard drive quickly and easily.
It combines all the features of a file manager with those of a media player. You can play files directly from the QuickFinder sidebar, browse your computer and network drives, and…

Memory Folder Manager is a powerful utility that can help you to create subfolders for your files or email.
Memory Folder Manager is a freeware memory optimization utility. It improves the performance of your PC by creating a comprehensive backup of your registry. It helps to protect your…

ActiveTray is a system tray icon that allows you to create a simple application that can start or stop any programs and display a static message.
ActiveTray allows you to specify the name of the application that you want to display in the tray. When the application is started, it…

Mosaic is a complex application that can present you with a new kind of folder windows. It allows you to create groups of folders and present you with the folder hierarchy inside a window.
Mosaic Features:
— You can create groups of folders,
— You can add new folders and files to a group,

WinPE is a special version of Windows NT/2000/XP created by the Microsoft WinPE team for performing certain diagnostics at the startup of the operating system.
WinPE can be burned to a CD to run on a machine that is not able


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