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This program is for use with a computer. It is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Mac and Linux versions are also available.
KEYMACRO Features:
KeyMacro is a keyboard macro program. Each macro has a program and a sequence of commands. Each macro stores a sequence of keystrokes that can be performed by pressing the Alt-key or Alt-Tab.
KeyMacro supports keyboard remapping of special function keys, including Alt and Ctrl keys, as well as the Command and Windows keys. KeyMacro will remap the Ctrl key to Cmd.
KeyMacro enables users to use «shortcut» macros instead of long commands.
KeyMacro includes a comprehensive macro editor and a «key history» list. You can make one of your macros to execute a specific command, instead of a long sequence of commands. KeyMacro allows you to create macros that will run in any sequence, regardless of how you started the macro.
KeyMacro can store the macro, so you can run the macro any time you want, even if you have not started the macro. You can go back to a specific position in the macro and even replay a part of the macro to perform a sequence of keystrokes.
KeyMacro can set up an «Automatically Execute Macro on start» option. This option will cause a macro to run at start up.
KeyMacro includes a search command that will find all sequences of keys in the macro, and you can save a macro to a file and then search the file.
KeyMacro also includes an «Alt-tab» feature. If you use the Alt-tab feature, KeyMacro will load the next program in the list of programs to be loaded on the Alt-tab key.
KeyMacro also supports «keyboard lock» mode. When keyboard lock mode is enabled, the Alt-key is locked.
Macro timer lets you set a delay before executing a macro.
KeyMacro supports external editors for macros and programs. KeyMacro loads external editors to help you edit your macros.
KeyMacro also includes a «Stop» and «Clear all macros» buttons. KeyMacro will clear all macros when you click the «Stop» button.
KeyMacro supports hotkeys for execution of macros.
KeyMacro supports keyboard remapping of function keys, including Alt and Ctrl keys, as well as the Command and Windows keys. KeyMacro will remap 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a keyboard shortcuts manager that lets you launch any program, file or web site with one keypress. The program is compatible with all Windows OSes.
Uninstall Program Feature: Yes
Uninstall Program Requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Please contact us for a refund if you order this product and don’t like it after trying it. You can ask for a refund within 30 days. This offer is not valid if you try it and decide it is not for you.

WiseAutomation is a professional tool for system monitoring and control. The software is used by businesses and individuals for controlling various equipment.
User Interface:
The desktop icon allows you to connect to different devices with minimal effort. It is fast and straightforward. The interface displays data in charts and graphs, letting you easily monitor and control the connected equipment.
The SmartLogging module lets you display real-time status for all connected devices. You can save the data in a TXT logfile, which you can use as a check list for system management. Additionally, the software allows you to create saved procedures, which you can reuse time and time again.
The main panel displays the controlled devices in the same window. You can set a schedule for the equipment, monitor its status and start/stop it. Furthermore, the panel lets you create networks with other connected devices, such as access points, routers and switches.
The software includes some great features, such as a real-time monitor, a device log, a procedure log and a special logging widget.
The interface is fast and intuitive, and it allows you to connect to a wide range of devices with a simple interface.
The user interface offers plenty of options for monitoring and controlling various devices.
Some functions of the software need improvement.
The software does not support mobile devices.
Some of the functions may take time to learn.
To sum it up, WiseAutomation offers a great package for professionals to monitor and control a wide range of devices. It works fast, offers a great user interface and supports several types of devices. However, some functions require improvement.

Awesome Keys is a utility designed for system monitoring and control. The software is used for system and network monitoring, for controlling various equipment.
Key Features:
Awesome Keys displays real-time status for all connected devices. The software allows you to set a schedule for the equipment, monitor its status and


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